INITION were approached by Airbus Defence and Space UK to create an inspiring showstopper for the Space Arena at Farnborough International Airshow, July 2018.

The world-leading aerospace company wanted us to create an interactive experience that would uniquely showcase the organisation’s UK based cutting-edge space capabilities. The challenge was to tell this story through an outstanding piece of content that would engage both field experts and the public alike.

We launched Elev_8, a space elevator that takes visitors on an interactive trip into space, to find out more about Airbus’ latest satellites and science missions: Biomass, Inmarsat and Solar Orbiter. Passengers are rocketed into orbit, discovering the satellites’ journey from design, manufacture and launch.

Problem: To create an immersive experience that visualises Airbus's new satellites in space, but also creating an inclusive experience for all viewers, no matter of their age or scientific/professional knowledge.

Solution: The Airbus Elev_8 elevator, was designed to blast users into orbit, giving you a full panoramic view of outer space, where you're able to see airbus's satellites in their natural habitat, displayed using realistic models and a simplistic UI to make it understandable to all. Creating an enjoyable immersive experience for children as well as professionals. Using Dolby 5.1 surround sound, 3x 4K monitors to show the CG created content in its most realistic form and a bespoke elevator build to encompass the entire experience.

Personal Responsibilities

Conceptual Design, Graphic Design, Integrated Design, User Experience, Art Direction & Storytelling