In August 2017 Pi Studio travelled to Daegu, South Korea, to deliver a series of workshops based around ‘prospecting the future’ at the Centre for Creative Economy and Innovation. CCEI is a government funded incubator that facilitates the growth of innovative design across the country. Accompanying Pi studio were five graduate designers from the Goldsmiths BA program, who over the course of five weeks managed the development of a broad range of projects, which varied from medical service design to contemporary craft. This program was an opportunity for a cross cultural collaboration. An exchange took place between CCEI’s fast moving industrious design approach and Goldsmith’s critical ideational practices. 
Week One Workshops 

The first week was a series of workshops by Pi Studio using different research methods and processes to predict design futures, using critical and speculative mindsets to fuel the participants for the project ahead. 
Week Two Workshops 

After week one with Pi Studio, they left the design graduates to aid and manage the trajectory of the start ups projects, this included different rapid workshops and tutorials. The first workshop was a rapid prototyping session, where we asked the participants to add, deconstruct and formulate different products from an existing piece of design, leading them to think about new avenues within their existing projects.
Week Two Workshops 

The second workshop we ran was a rapid drawing and ideation session. Where we asked the participants to deconstruct the 'mediating lens diagram' into a mind map, visualising the different stakeholders and target audiences of their products, and to use rapid sketching as a tool for idea creation.
Week Three/Four 

We ran daily tutorials to help the participants with the final stretch of their product creations, as well as helping them create prototypes, mockups and films for them to continue post program. 
HIT Genie Driver 

A multipurpose screwdriver, that fits into any head or socket, was just one of the products we helped develop. In particular, we helped HIT with recognising the human centric side of the screwdrivers product design.
London Design Week

As a part of London Design Week, Interpreting Innovation: Translating Design Practices exhibition was displayed at Goldsmiths College. Exploring  the cross cultural collaboration and other aspects of our experience of the programme. The space leads you through the introductory week with Pi studio, to the workshops and tutorials of the program and graduates part in the development of the three selected projects.