*Shortlisted for Best VR Film for Social Impact at Raindance Film Festival*

The Cornerstone Partnership approached INITION in creating a first-of-its-kind, immersive therapeutic training tool. This tool helps finds solutions for children’s social care using virtual reality. “Being Me: Revealing and Healing Childhood Trauma” shows the power of VR and how it can help foster empathy.

Problem: To create a graphic VR UX/UI that initially creates the feeling of a therapeutic or an institutionalised environment, creating a contrast between the content itself and the environment you are situated within when navigating.  Whilst having a simple and easy user interface for non-tech savvy users to navigate.​​​​​​​

Solution: We designed a VR start screen that is bright and promotes positivity by situating you within a meditative low poly natural setting, which was a client specification that we designed and created. Whilst using a categorised episode system, using visual thumbnails with gaze activation to navigate through the episodes seamlessly.

Personal Responsibilities

Graphic Design, Prototyping & VR UX/UI Design