"In one year at the height of the Afghan war, more British soldiers took their own lives than were killed by the Taliban". Post Traumatic Stress Disorder caused by combat takes the lives of twenty-two veterans per day in the UK/US. The Armed Forces, being a governmental tool, is an asset used in the arsenal of politics. Service men and women are supplied with basic survival equipment in the field, but what survival equipment do they have on returning home? 

Post-Trauma is a project studying into the psychology behind the disorder, to create links into the physical world to attempt to aid veteran's symptoms directly whilst educating people to understand the disorder, and the robbery of livelihood they face.

The therapy kit, is intended to harness the severity of each specific symptom before it can progress to become out of control.  The kit acts as a”post war survival kit”, a romanticised version of its parallel, one in which would be used to protect your body whilst at war, similarly this one protects your mind from its effects. 

The kit is for individual use and could not be mass produced. It is intended to aid individuals with their day to day lives by helping them manage their symptoms for them to be able to move forward and overcome them one by one, until the correct systems and actions are put in place by our government, to overt such tragedies.

[1] Plastic Knife [Night Terrors | Replacement of real knife]
[2] Sugary Sweets (Fight or Flight]
[3] Stress Balls [Hyper Vigilance]
[4] Tissues [Extreme Emotional Changes]
[5] Scent Diffuser [Psychological Scent Triggers]
[6] Diary [Daily log & Dream Journal]
[7] Adjustable Mirror [Public Spacial Paranoia]
[8] Area map [avoidance of site specific triggers]