*Winner - x2 AVA Platinum Awards 2019*
*Winner - Lovies Awards 2019*
*Winner - W3 Awards 2019*
*Winner - x3 Telly Awards 2019*
*Nominated - Webby Awards*

INITION were asked by the Road Safety Authority in Ireland (RSA) and their agency BBDO Dublin, to create an immersive experience to bring to life the potential consequences of drink-driving. 

RSA statistics for 2017 show that alcohol accounts for a significant proportion of fatal road accidents and injuries, rising to 40% in the months leading up to Christmas. Men make up 85% of those arrested for driving over the legal alcohol limit of which half are between 20-39 years old. So the challenge was to create a hard-hitting campaign, that would reach into the minds of these drivers to make them think twice before grabbing their car keys whilst intoxicated, so they could truly appreciate the results of their actions as if it were for real.

Virtual Reality was used because it is a totally immersive experience, blurring the lines between perception and reality. The aim was to develop a series of gritty scenarios that would showcase the damaging effects of drink-driving. The clever combination of creative content and persuasive technology was designed to create a touching and educating experience that would get under the user’s skin, without seeming patronising or preaching.

Problem: To create a typeface/identity that represents the project and the tone it is promoting. How to create a functional VR UX/UI that allows users to flow through the different scenarios and decisions within the experience freely whilst feeling natural like the 'butterfly effect', whilst being simple enough to be used by the general public including children. ​​​​​​​

Solution: The 'Consequences' typeface was made to emulate the minimal yet constructive fonts like on drink driving adverts or cigarette branding. The VR UX was constructed using gaze activation to be able to use the position of your head to navigate between a randomised setting and a scene by scene progression, to enable different narrative outputs with every user. The VR UI was designed to match the project identity, to be minimal yet powerful. 

Personal Responsibilities

Graphic Design, Prototyping & VR UX/UI Design