*Shortlisted for the Lexus Design Awards 2019*
Techno-Psychedelic Therapy (TPT) is a biometric enhanced - Mixed Reality Meditation Therapy. TPT takes an experimental approach to tackling common yet complex mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression; also technology & gaming addiction.
By combining Mixed Reality (MR) technology with Electroencephalographic (EEG) feedback loops and binaural sound frequencies, it creates a unique meditative experience for each user, that intensifies in response to the individuals bodily and mental state. 
Inspired by the institutionalisation of psychedelics as a treatment for mental health disorders, TPT interprets certain characteristics of the psychedelic experience and recreates them as a multi-sensory form of meditation. Allowing the user to fall deeper and deeper into a meditative state, with the aid of these cohesive designed mediums. In an attempt to create a system that avert’s ingestible substances all together, to use self, technology and nature as a mechanism of healing. 
TPT envisions a Utopic future, where humans, technology and nature work symbiotically together, creating a tangent of reality where technology is used to rekindle our connection with the natural world, instead of opposing it. Adding layers on top of our preexisting reality, attempting to move away from our destructive addiction to personal technologies.
TPT it is intended to be used as a service tool, for those wishing to explore the world of psychedelics as a treatment for poor mental health.  Giving the user an initial taster of a psychedelic experience to facilitate an initial understanding of how psychedelics can play a role in the treatment of poor mental wellbeing. For those who haven't experienced psychedelia or those who may have strict opinions on their uses. TPT could be used as a way of bridging the preconceived viewpoint's around psychedelics, in an effort to hopefully promote their safe use within the pharmaceutical industries. 
TPT is a designed speculation around future possibilities of mental health treatments.

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